Skill development



Manufacturing, CPG and Retail

We strive for one stop shop for our clients in skill development space. We primarily focus on the Skill Development industry by extending our expertise on Consulting, Project Planning, Assessments, Content Development and IT & Infrastructure management. We assist our clients to grow in the Vocational Training space by providing expert advice and advance technology solutions. Our team has a vast experience of executing projects across India under various ministries.

Our solution for the Education industry is in line with our vision to create optimum balance of technology with time, which in turn, touches lives of people and makes a difference to the society. Educational institutes are not only responsible for providing quality education to the students but also for ensuring a secure environment for them. As part of our offering we aim to bring transformational technology to provide world-class secure environment. With the help of our campus management program, now it is very easy to improvise and automate the Facility Management system of institutions.
We contribute to the Healthcare Industry by providing our High Frequency RFID solution system which enables healthcare providers to reliably track hospital supplies, medical equipment and patients’ records. Our hospital management system includes RFID tags and readers for instant deployment.
Any organization that carries an inventory of products has a need to maintain accurate information on the movements of all these items to better serve its customers and run a profitable business. Whether the need is to manage one supply closet or a multi-facility warehouse operation, the goal is to cut down on manual data entry costs, minimize inventory write-offs and overstocks and increase efficiencies in the supply chain. Our exceptional RFID based Inventory and Logistics management automation helps the industry to utilize their resources in an optimum manner. A few of the key benefits of our system include: Accuracy - Eliminates human error in inventory counting. Speed - Reduces man hours by using automated data capture. Mobility - Makes adjustments or replaces damaged/unreadable labels on the spot using mobile computers and printers.